It is located 91 km towards the northeast of the city of Chetumal, states capitol. It is accessed by following the 186 Chetumal-Escarcega freeway.

Once you reach 58 km you must take the off ramp for 14 km that leads to the town of Morrocoy; continue upon it for 2 km by the path that leads to San Pedro Peralta and turn left at the spot marked by the road signs.

Once you arrive at the Dzibanche site continue for another 2 kilometres.

Kinichna received its name from the archeologist Thomas Gann due to a stucco element found with the representation of the Kin glyph meaning sun or day, which is held in the posterior part of the acropolis.

This grouping can be found two kilometers north of the main and is set apart from the rest because of its monumental size with three levels and many temples distributed with  the typical makeup of the early classical architecture.

To date all three levels have been explored and the most recent explored the first level of the base . Although a few ancient sackings were noted, many important sacrificial offerings were recuperated and burials were documented that held a symbolic and ritualistic importance for this architectural complex.