Only 8 km to the north of Buenavista and 65km from Mahahual, on the 293 towards Chunhuhub and Merida. 8km after this fork you will find an the Chacchoben archeological site which was dated back to 200 A.C

During the first millennia of the Christian era this was an important place at its peak that eventually fell during the year 700. A couple centuries later, the city was abandoned to be repopulated later during the years closer to the Conquest. The rest of the metropolis covered about 70 hectares.

The exploration of this location began in 1994. When a name was not found in any previous references it was decided to give it the name of the town whose land it was upon. In September of 2002 the place was open to the public. It can be visited from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 17:00