It is located 92 km to the northeast of the city of Chetumal, state capital . You may reach it by the 186 federal freeway Chetumal-Escarcega.

On the 58th km you must take the off ramp and follow it for 14 km, it will take you to the town of Morrocoy; continue for 2 kilometres down the path leading to San Pedro PEralta and turn left at the point signalled by the road signs.

Apparently this was one of the most isolated Mayan cities, it was a large urban settlement, it has many groups of large contemporary structures within a circle of less than 6 km in diameter such as Kohunlich, Dzibanche which were born in the year 200 A.D.

Four or five centuries afterward, a great urban and social launch took place  which would reach its maximum peak in the Classical Mesoamerican Period. This city was then abandoned in the XI century.

In order to reach Kohunlich, you must return to the 286 freeway and turn east, towards Chetumal. Two kilometres after which you must take the road on the left hand side, after approximately 14 km you will pass through Morrocoy. Two kilometers after this town you turn to the right and 5 kilometers from here you will arrive at a visitor registry office. This office is unique to Dzibanche and Kinichna.

Both sites have visiting hours from 8:00 am to 17:00.