Operating hours and Costs

Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 17:00 pm. Cost $55.00


Kohunlich is located 69 km to the west of Chetumal, state capitol. It is reached by the federal freeway 186 Chetumal- Escarcega and on kilometer 60 which corresponds to the Francisco Villa settlement, you must take the off ramp for 9 km that leads directly to this site, on a paved road. It s a fascinating archeological site because of its history and its aesthetic value along with its natural surrounding beauty. It is estimated that it came into being around the year 200 D.C

As the centuries past it gained in power and grew in dimensions. The city continued to grow during the Post classic period, however around the year 1200 D.C.  a unjustified collapse took place and Kohunlich was basically abandoned. Although its existence was known of many years ago, it wasn’t until 1992 when excavations were initiated and rescue work allowed for its opening to the public in 1994. In order to reach this place you must leave Chetumal by way of the 186 freeway. 57 km away from the city and 150 km  away from Mahahual you will friend this wonderful spot.