Xcalak and their marine park are natural and ecological places in the south of the state. This place and especially the marine park, form part of the coral reef barrier named “Mesoamerican Reef System” which is considered the second largest reef in the world.

The prestige of the Xcalak  Marine Park is owed mostly to the scuba lovers.

Although this is one of the oldest communities in the south of Quintana Roo, it is still a virgin destination located to the south of Costa Maya.

It is necessary to mention that the first settlements in the region date back to the pre Hispanic era. You can still see some vestiges of buildings in the zone.

In May of 1900, the town of Xcalak was founded by the Mexican armada, with the goal of establishing a control post in the zone. This is where the first shipyard of the Mexican Caribbean was built. During the 1900, it was converted in a major population, with an outstanding coconut production that reached up to 300 tons monthly.

Today it is a calm little fisherman’s village, in which the care of the environment and natural resources takes priority.