Xcalak and its marine park are natural and ecological places in the south of the state and throughout the great Costa Maya. This town and especially its marine park, are part of the coral reef named "Mesoamerican Reef System" considered the second largest reef barrier in the world.

The prestige of the Xcalak Marine Park is mainly due to the fact that it is a paradise for diving enthusiasts.

Although it is one of the oldest communities in the south of Quintana Roo, it is still an unspoiled destination located in the south of the great Costa Maya.

It is necessary to mention that the first settlements in the region date from pre-Hispanic times. You can still see some vestiges of buildings in the area.

In May 1900, the town of Xcalak was founded by the Mexican army, in order to establish a checkpoint in the area. The first shipyard in the Mexican Caribbean was built there. During the 1900s, it became an important population, highlighting its coconut production, which reached up to 300 tons per month.

Today, it is a quiet fishing village, in which care for the environment and natural resources is privileged.